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One Racing Shop web site was born in 2002, the idea of creation was the fanaticism of its members by the Formula 1 and the admiration to the drivers who wrote the history and made the best category of motorsport in the world.

The emblem of a F1 driver is not a brand or a sponsor logo, the emblem is chosen by the same driver, when he sits in his racecar you can not see his face cause his face is "the helmet" their colors and designs are personal and unique. Some prefer the colors of their flags while others prefer a shield or drawings but always is personalized.

The fanaticism motivated the creation of the first replicas to commemorate drivers, through the years we improved the techniques and the quality you can see in our products. With the time we went further and started making replicas of the driving suits and gloves.

Our passion has no limits and we want to share it with you. We want to share our passion to Formula 1 offering these high quality products. You have the possibility of having a unique and exclusive product available to any fan of F1.

Thanks for sharing a passion, One Racing Shop